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The Association Pro Venezia Friends was established in 1994 with its head office in Lugano. It closely corresponds to the activities of the Foundation and fully supports its actions.


The goals of the Association are:


  • financially contribute to the activities of the Pro Venezia Foundation in Switzerland;
  • establish and enhance the cultural dialogue and solidarity between Switzerland and Venice;
  • apply for donations on behalf of the Foundation;
  • build relationship between the Foundation and persons/groups of persons interested in Venice;
  • spread the knowledge about the History and Art of Venice.


The members are required to pay an annual fee, thereby demonstrating their interest in the Foundation. Each year, the Association decides on the amount to be donated to the Foundation that will be allocated to the restoration and documentation. “Friends of Pro Venezia” are constantly updated regarding the activities as well as receive various offers, such as invitations to the thematic conferences and the cultural trips with a focus on history, arts, environment, social, etc.


Thus, the Association “Friends of Pro Venezia” helps the Foundation to stand out, raise awareness of the issues on the preservation of the city, and contribute to the implementation of the projects occasionally being tackled at the lagoon city.


The first president of the Association was the architect, Dr. Gianfranco Rossi, a member of the Board of the Foundation and the Executive Committee, as well as a member of the Institution “Ateneo Veneto”.


The Association is located at AS Accounting Services SA, Via Pretorio 13, Casella Postale 5173, CH-6901 Lugano





Spartaco Chiesa


Francesca Gemnetti, Gaspare Nadig, Oriana Vitalini, Giordano Zeli


Niccolò Lucchini, Lugano


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