How we operate

Our activities are all carried out in close collaboration with the local representatives of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, in particular with what is now the Superintendency for Archaelogy, Fine Arts and Landscape of Venice and its Lagoon. The collaboration is not confined to the actual restoration work but begins with the choice of project; once a year, on the occasion of the AGM of the Association of International Private Committees for the Safeguarding of Venice (COMPRIVE), the Superintendencies present a list of the items in need of restoration.


Once the Foundation has chosen a project an initial phase of preliminary investigations and historical research, carried out under the guidance of the Superintendency responsible, which then draws up detailed plans and a cost estimate for the work required.  A call for tenders leads to a firm being appointed, a contracts is issued and the work is carried out under the direction of the Superintendency.



The above process normally takes place in the framework of the UNESCO-International Private Committees Programme, which also acts as a guarantor of the operation. All Swiss Pro Venezia Foundation payments are therefore made through UNESCO. 

ESCO joint projects, which is a guarantor of the restoration. This is the reason why all the payments by Pro Venezia are being made through UNESCO.  



Palazzo Zorzi - sede dell'Ufficio Unesco e di COMPRIVE

Fondazione Svizzera/Fondation Suisse/Schweizerische Stiftung Pro Venezia;