Statutes and Board of Directors

The Swiss Pro Venezia Foundation was constituted on 3rd July 1972 in response to an appeal to the international community launched by UNESCO and the Council of Europe for help to save Venice from the disastrous effects of the great flood of November 1966.


The Foundation is based in Berne at the headquarters of the Swiss UNESCO Commission (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs).


Pro Venezia’s mission is defined as follows:


The Swiss Pro Venezia Foundation was set up to collect funds for the safeguarding of the cultural heritage of Venice, to employ them for this purpose in the framework of the international aid effort and to ensure that Swiss initiatives to this end are well coordinated. To achieve its goal Pro Venezia informs the public of the importance and the scope of the international effort to save Venice, participates in the research undertaken to establish the principles and the scientific basis underlying safeguarding action, collects public and private funds for the restoration of religious and other monuments of historical or artistic significance and of other cultural works, and also takes part in these restoration operations. In the eyes of the world, the Foundation represents Switzerland’s commitment to safeguarding the cultural heritage of Venice.

The Foundation operates under the supervision of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (Swiss Government) and in close collaboration with the Federal Office of Culture.


The Foundation’s Board of Directors comprises representatives of the worlds of culture, economics and politics from all over Switzerland. The Association of the Friends of Pro Venezia operates alongside the Foundation; membership is open to all who have Venice’s cultural heritage at heart.



  • Federal Political Department (= Ministry of Foreign Affairs): Proposal of 9th May 1972 to the Federal Council (= Swiss Government) to set up the Fondazione Svizzera Pro Venezia. Click here to see the text 




Honorary Chairman:                    

Alma Bacciarini †


Giordano Zeli*

Vice chairmen:                              

Paola Piffaretti* 
Franco Poretti*




Oriana Vitalini*, EFG Bank SA, Viale S. Franscini 8, CH- 6900 Lugano




Walter Anderau, Fulvio Caccia, Spartaco Chiesa*, Rudolf Dudler*, Ernst Iten, Mario Maccanelli, Peter Nobel, Ivano Proserpi*, Kathy Ricklin, Guelfo Solari*, Marco Solari, Maurizio Solaro del Borgo*, Simone Soldini


*members of the Executive Committee



Somador SA, Mendrisio

Fondazione Svizzera/Fondation Suisse/Schweizerische Stiftung Pro Venezia;