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The Foundation "Pro Venezia" currently examines the project of the restoration of the “Cappella dei Tessitori  di Seta” in the Chiesa dei Gesuiti. The work was done by Domenico Rossi from Morcote together with the plasterers, Abbondio Stazio from Massagno and Carpoforo Tencalla Mazzeti from Bissone (Ticino, Switzerland).


As soon as the project will become more concrete and will be accepted by the Pro Venezia Foundation in Switzerland, the necessary funding will be initiated. The essential preliminary inquiries, such as the photogrammetric monitoring and study of the materials, the degradation’s analysis and historical research, have been already financed. This financing allows the preparation of a detailed restoration project and a precise cost estimate.


Cappella dei tessitori

Fondazione Svizzera/Fondation Suisse/Schweizerische Stiftung Pro Venezia;